• What is SpringCup?

    SpringCup is high quality international youth football tournament which is held annually near to capital of Estonia.

    Tournament is organised by Harju JK, which is the fastest growing football club in Baltic States. The first SpringCup took place in 2007 and it has grown rapidly.

    The objective of organizers is to make the competition level of SpringCup the most strongest in Baltic States. Also it is very important to us that participants have an enjoyable, memorable football experience and quality time on and off the pitch.

    SpringCup age groups:
    Age groupGametimeFieldLocationTournament fee
    20111x1860x40m4. april175EUR
    20121x1860x40m3. april175EUR
    20131x1540x30m10. april175EUR
    20141x1540x30m11. april175EUR

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    SpringCup & Harju Jalgpallikool

  • Registering Players

    • The representative of team must return filled registration sheet to the tournament office before the 1st game.
    • Each team must be able to prove the identity of their players to the match referee during the games
    • Allowed registered team sizes are max. 20 players in age group 2003, 15 players in age groups 2004-2007 and 12 players in age groups 2008-2010

    Using older players

    In each age group team is allowed to use maximum of 2 players born one year earlier after August 1.

    For example: In age class 2003, each team is allowed to use maximum of 2 players born after 01.08.2002.

    Girls playing for boys teams

    In each age group team is allowed to use girls who is a one year older.

    Tournament system

    SpringCup Elite & Challenge is divided into group and Final phases. In the group phase, teams are divided into 4 to 6 team groups where teams play once against everybody else in the group. In the group games, win gives 3 points, draw 1 point and defeat 0 points.

    In case of even points, the teams will be sorted by:

    1. The result of the game between the teams
    2. Overall goal difference
    3. Number of goals scored
    4. Disciplinary record
    5. Draw

    The best teams from each group will advance to the A-Final phase to play for the first place. The rest of the teams will advance to the B-Final phase to play out the rest of the places. The precise play-off system for each age class will be announced at least 10 days before the tournament.

    Number of games

    In all age groups each team is guaranteed at least 5 games at the tournament.


    If there is a draw in knock-out phase, a penalty shootout will follow immediately. Each team will have three penalty takers, if there is still draw after three rounds, then shootout will continue to sudden death.


    A referee must be informed of a protest immediately after the game. Protest and a protest charge (200€) have to be delivered no longer than 30 minutes after the game’s final whistle to the tournament office. The protest will be processed by 3 person’s jury set by the tournament personnel. The protest charge (200€) will be returned if the protest is accepted. The decision of the jury shall be final.In other cases the tournament follows the rules set by the Estonian Football Association.The referees for the Harju Cup come from the Estonian Football Association.


    All of the referees are recognised by the Estonian Football Association and/or the head referee.

    Game regulations

    Substitutions: Number of substitutions are not fixed.

    Throw-in: In age groups 2003-2010 the ball is put back into play by hand.

    Red card: in case of red card a team has to play the entire game with one less player on the field.

    Team must be present at the field 15 minutes before kick-off.

    A player that has been given a red card is automatically banned from the next game.
    In case of same-coloured shirts, the team that has been marked as away will change their shirts or uses bibs. Bibs will be provided by the organizers.

    Information to Team leaders

    1. Person that has been assigned as a team leader is responsible for the team and its players during the whole tournament time.
    2. Team leader is responsible for the players having their own sleeping bags and mattresses if school accommodation is used.
    3. Tournament organisers do not take any responsibility for injuries, illnesses and thefts. Each field has a designated first-aid provider.


    First, second & third placed teams will be awarded with cups and their players and coaches with medals. Best players will be given special prizes.

    Force Majure

    Tournament jury has the right to make changes in match times and/or places if unforseen and inevitable events require it.

    Registration for the tournament

    If you wish to participate, please contact tournament organizers. Contact over here.

    Registration to tournament: Register for the tournament ».

  • Möldre stadium

    Veskirahva pst 21, Alliku, Harju county, Estonia
    Möldre stadium



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